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The answer is clear and simple, BERG Pedal Go-Karts are designed with the greatest of care to assure your SAFETY! The three core values built into every BERG Pedal Go-Kart are Safety, Quality, and of course, FUN!
Everything is well thought out when developing a BERG Pedal Go-Kart. Various drive options are developed for your style of driving. Larger BERG Pedal Go-Karts have a built-in BFR mechanism. BFR is short for Brakes, Freewheel, and Reverse. This unique mechanism ensures the ability to keep the pedals still while the wheels are turning, like on a bicycle. What’s more, when you come to a standstill, you can immediately pedal backwards, which not only improves safety, also comes in handy! This feature makes it user-friendly for younger kids. Some BERG Pedal Go-Karts come equipped with BFR-3 Drive System, which has Three Gears, which is great for hills or off-road riding.
The BERG Buzzy Pedal Go-Karts are specially designed with young children in mind, and are fitted with ‘direct drive’. This makes the go-kart very light and easy to pedal so that even the smallest child receives a bit of help. A conscious choice has been made for a pedal go-kart on four wheels, ensuring a safe and secure seating unlike a three wheeler, which can sometimes tip over. This is practically impossible in BERG Go-Karts. The pedals of the Berg Buzzy always remain in place. They don’t ‘steer’ with you like they do on a three wheeler. Control of the pedals is maintained at all times. A safe solution!
Each Berg Pedal Go-Kart is fitted with coaster brakes to ensure a more rapid stop. All Large go-karts (Age 5+) also have a hand brake for extra braking power in no time. The driver is in control!
BERG Pedal Go-Karts are designed with four wheels making them well grounded. The swing axle helps to keep the wheels on the ground even on bumpy surfaces. Nice and Stable!
The extra care is taken when building BERG Pedal Go-Karts ensuring a safe finish with no sharp edges.
BERG Go-Karts are durable, timeless products needing very little maintenance. To ensure your go-kart lasts a life-time you should periodically:
1. Check the tires, making sure they are hard. If not, you need to pump them up. Your BERG Pedal Go-Kart will go even faster with hard tires.
2. Make sure all screws are tight to ensure safety.
3. Check the steering wheel by doing a quick round on your BERG Pedal Go-Kart making sure the steering wheel turns easily in all directions. If it needs oiling, use some silicon spray on the ball bearings.
4. Check for growth. If your BERG Pedal Go-Kart is a bit small, make an adjustment by lifting and moving the seat back!
5. Check Brakes by doing another round on you BERG Pedal Go-Kart. Brake hard a few times. If brakes are stiff, use a bit of silicon spray there also.
6. The car wash. Your BERG Pedal Go-Kart should be shiny! A bucket, some soapy water and a cloth will have it clean and shiny in no time!
BERG Go-Karts are CE and TUV tested:
BERG Go-Karts are extensively tested first in our own test lab, and then in independent lab tests. All materials meet legal quality requirements, exceeding them in some cases, guaranteeing a good product!
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